IO Group is wishing our clients and partners a Happy New Year.

2022 was a fantastic year, and we are very pleased with our client delivery results and the continued product roadmap outcome. 2022 was a year that covered many successful client deliveries combined with that many seeds were planted for future.

IO Group had the pleasure to deliver a variety of solutions, among others:

  • Delivery of Web solutions – web portals covering client engagements and straight through processing solutions of FNOL and quote requests.
  • Delivery of DW Lite / Power BI and Data analytics solution to leverage existing business data to support continued business improvements and fact-based decisions.
  • Delivery of larger backend implementation.
  • Taking IO Archiver to the next level by outlining roadmap for integrating to multiple systems.
  • Continued AI focus by expanding our AI capabilities / components that supports our strategy of including AI components in process and operational efficiency solutions.

Looking forward, 2023 will be an interesting year where we aim at harvesting seeds planted in 2022. We will continue expanding our partner network, though also increase focus on direct engagements with new clients.

We feel proud and inspired to continue serving our clients by delivering innovation, quality, and efficiency. The coming year though might also bring challenges due to increased client cost focus, though this will re-enforce our operational efficiency focus.

Hope to see you in 2023 😊