Power BI – management reporting

FF Forsikring is constantly striving to improve client offering to distinguish in the insurance market and obtain highest customer satisfaction. To support this journey, it is key to have a transparent and updated view of current and historical business data to continuously evolve and modernize the business offerings to clients.

Over the years, Frie Forsikring has gathered a large amount of data about the market, clients and demands in their backend system. The SMART self-sufficient reporting tool, delivered by IO Group, provides FF Forsikring with a solution that leverages the extensive, and already existing business data while saving operation time.

The improved data insight enables speed to market and enables a higher degree of fact-based decisions. In general, the solution provides options for obtaining a more advanced knowledge by viewing and analyzing business data in a user friendly and transparent way where data can be presented in different contexts and shapes.

In addition to the obvious business benefits, there was a further efficiency gain of ½ – 1 FTE months per year of reduced manual report effort.

Thank you FF Forsikring for trusting IO Group. We look forward to involving more users on the solution.