Our client has achieved a faster and improved Customer service due to:
– A significant improved 24/7 claims process that gathers all required information in “one go / one stop” (including upload of documentation).
– 48 hours reduced Claims process obtained via automation and higher efficiency due to all documentation are gathered once.
– Better Claims data that is well-structured, and with high quality due to elimination of manual interactions.
Furthermore, our client has achieved:
– A manpower saving of 3–6-man months a year.
– A self-sufficient solution where claims registration (FNOL) is done by the policy owner.
– A solution where the reported claims data is directly uploaded to the existing backend system to have an updated 360 customer overview.
– An improved workflow distribution, so Claims handling immediately can be initiated by designated team.
– A future ready, more stable, and scalable solution, combined with reduced IT cost.
All delivered on time and budget!!!
Solution details: It is a Cloud Azure solution that directly links to the existing backend system via REST API’s. This means that the FNOL data is directly uploaded to the backend system without any subsequent process handling, any delay, nor any manual interference. Data storage is only happening in the Backend system, which means that existing GDPR functionality is leveraged.
Please let us know if you are interested in knowing more about the solution and / or get to know about how we may help you with similar solutions.